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Geriatric Consulting, Marketing, Implementation and Management

  • Program Planning
  • Market Research
  • Workshops and Screenings
  • Practice Management

Fall Prevention and Treatment Centers

The ElderCare Companies have now begun a rollout of the Fall Prevention and Treatment Centers® needed to combat the epidemic of fall-caused broken hips and traumatic brain injuries which our parents and grandparents are needlessly experiencing.


ElderCare’s planned Centers have seven major referral sources (patient feeders) and eleven major revenue streams. 

Centers for Healthy Aging

We provide comprehensive strategic planning to help hospitals and health systems increase revenues for geriatric outpatient services.


We help healthcare providers provide a comprehensive network of preventive, primary, home health, mobile diagnostic services and acute care services - and we actively, and appropriately, encourage seniors to take advantage of the informational, preventive, diagnostic and treatment programs we offer.


These programs include health promotion, screening/preventive care, primary geriatric healthcare, specialty care, and case management.

Physician-Based Preventive Health and Wellness

Fall risk evaluations trigger medically necessary diagnostics and therapeutics amounting to $700 or more and to additional office visits.


Medicare's Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) — an enhanced reimbursability encounter for physicians and physician-supervised providers — is the crucial first step in organizing a series of life-saving, functionality-enhancing programs of preventive geriatric healthcare for Medicare's 28 million fee-for-service patients. 


Yet in recent years, fewer than 10% of eligible Medicare beneficiaries received or participated in AWVs.

In 2011, eligible beneficiaries used preventative services at an abysmal rate.

  • fewer than 50% had a screening mammogram
  • less than 40% had a bone densitometry or osteoporosis screen
  • under 20% had a colorectal cancer screen
  • scarcely 25% of men had a prostate cancer blood test
  • only about 10% had a diabetes screening test.
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